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What is warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of storing large quantities of physical goods prior to selling. A warehouse is a place where products are stored and secured in an organized manner.

Increasing recognition of warehouses’ role in the supply chain

The pursuit to digitally transform your business’ warehouse management is of utmost importance relative to the increasing recognition of warehouses’ role in the supply chain.

Warehouse management is no longer just about excellent warehousing and inventory but also having value-added applications that contribute greatly to the supply chain.

Therefore, businesses will need to invest innovative warehouse management software.

NOAH Warehousing Business Applications is a cloud-ready, end-to end business applications warehousing management software designed for businesses to adapt and thrive amidst the evolving warehousing needs.

With its tight integration with NOAH Business Applications’ demand planning, production planning, procurement management, and financial management, there is clear understanding and visibility of inventory investments and expenditures to shorten turn-around cycle.

NOAH Business Applications’ digital inventory management organizes hierarchy, attributes and compliance to greatly enhance the inventory flow on operations whether finished goods, work in progress, raw materials, packaging materials or supplies.

Options are available if you want to use QR Code or Barcode to efficiently record and monitor transactions from allocation, request for stocks, procurement, in-transit, receiving, pick list, issuance, returns, transfers and counting in multiple locations, palette address and unit of measure per transaction type.

NOAH Warehousing Business Applications include:

  • Picking - Inventory picking may be done by batch, per product, or per scanner. It has a sophisticated facility for pallet racking and location management which considers at a minimum both pallet and product dimensions. It also has a serial number tracking facility with considerations as to the nature of the product and uses First Expiry First Out/First In First Out method of monitoring or inventory items.

  • Receiving - NOAH Warehousing Business Applications is seamlessly integrated with the Sales Order process. It has a systematic functionality to receive items accurately into a warehouse with substantial controls and validations in place. Password protection is added as a feature to prevent unauthorized access.

  • It has the facility to accept multiple orders simultaneously in no sequence through product barcode or quick lookup functions to identify the products being received. Pallet assignment following receipt may be automatic or stock may be transferred to a temporary receiving location if receipts are to be staged prior to put-away.

  • Counting - Supporting accuracy on inventory tracking, NOAH Warehousing Business Applications provide counting functionalities both for scheduled and unscheduled physical counts. Physical count dates may be defined systematically. It also has the facility to allow adjustments to inventory as a result of physical count reconciliation process.

  • Allocation, Transfer and Reclassification – NOAH Warehousing Business Applications has a business rules driven mechanism for allocating the available inventory to outstanding sales, warehouse or location transfers and reclassifications from good stock to bad stock and vice versa. It has the facility for prioritization of stock allocation or logical reservation of products for sales orders. As items are received into the warehouse, they are immediately available for order allocation eliminating any time delay or sequencing issues between receipts, receipt confirmation, and pick-list creation.

  • Reporting - Standardized reports and forms as a result of the warehouse and inventory management useful in monitoring and decision making are readily available.