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What is production?

Production refers to the processing of raw materials into finished goods/services within the confines and responsibility of an institutional unit where labor, capital, and goods and services are used.

Emerging manufacturing trends

In the past decades, manufacturing involved labor-intensive mechanical procedures. Now, it has exponentially transformed to a systematic set of process, on account of digital technologies which continuously create growth opportunities for manufacturing.

With the evolving dynamics of production, emerging technologies, and growing customer demands, manufacturers are pressed to seek ways to gain production optimization and create value. Manufacturers who take advantage of innovative manufacturing software benefit on the increased and high quality output while significantly cutting down wastage on their production, thus ultimately improving profitability.

NOAH Production Business Applications support the increasing needs of companies to enhance operational efficiency, gain competitive advantage, achieve organizational goals resulting to greater business value. It helps in integrating data and real time information and in improving planning and management of resources per the requirements of the company. It ensures viability by providing integrated business applications to manage the plant and production processes from budgeting, demand planning, inventory management, production confirmation, order taking, and shipping and deliveries.

Granting transactional and operational process efficiency, the solution provides expertise on the centralization of data sources with appropriate validation controls. It promotes improved paperless data transfer and communication, thereby giving the users more time for reporting and analysis. It also makes available the generation of complete, relevant, and accurate forms and reports for timely management and regulatory reporting purposes.

NOAH Production Business Applications starts with efficient Bill of Materials management, ensuring compliance to regulatory bodies in terms of components sourcing, quality manuals, and production procedures. This is governed by business rules and scenarios in creating the Bill of Materials covering stages from research and development to product finalization.

It also takes pride in having a comprehensive and advanced Material Requirement Process (MRP), enabling a cost-effective purchase of components with consideration of the vendor lead time, delivery performance, and quality of items. Production Schedules are integrated with Inventory Control, providing notifications and alerts on critical items ahead of time to ensure availability of material components just in time. Therefore, the company’s storage capacity and manpower requirements are maximized.

With tight integration to NOAH Procurement, NOAH Warehouse Management, and NOAH Financial Management, material requirements and allocations are monitored providing timely, efficient, and economically-beneficial production process. Production Costing on each process is also identified as to material, labor, and overhead.

  • Streamlining of production process to achieve on-time delivery of customer orders

  • Helps improve product quality that will boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize profits with its integrated production templates

  • Aids in enhancing precision in production floor process thereby reducing scraps and reworks

  • Facilitates better and smoother coordination and execution of all production processes and procedures

  • Helps identify the optimal operating level

  • Ensures that planned and actual operational activities implemented within the quality system can be demonstrated to provide confidence that products and services will fulfil quality requirements

  • Helps improve work processes and efficiency and enables the company to better compete with others

  • Facilitates catching and management of defects from raw materials and packaging materials to semi-finished products and finished goods