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What is financials/ accounting?

Financials / accounting refer to financial information, data, or statement about a company, such as operating statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and balance sheets.

Enhancing financial management

Often called “the language of business”, accounting plays a vital role in every company. With the recent news on trade wars and global economic slowdown, CFOS will need innovative practices such as a reliable and fully-integrated financial software to support the company’s financial health amidst changing market conditions.

Eliminate financial management woes with NOAH Financials; a meticulously designed and professionally developed cloud based accounting software compliant to regulatory standards suitable to the complex and diverse business processes of organizations.

With the goal of advancing the company’s competitive edge, NOAH Financials as an accounting software addresses critical business challenges and operational inefficiencies.

NOAH Financials applications include:

  • Systems Global
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Property, Plant, and Equipment
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Management
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Budgeting by account level

BIR - Compliant Forms and Reports

  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Book
  • Inventory List (RMC 57-2015)
  • Purchase Journal
  • Cash Disbursement Book
  • AP VAT Report/Summary List of Purchases
  • AP Monthly VAT Declaration (BIR Form 2550M)
  • AP Quarterly VAT Declaration (BIR Form 2550Q)
  • Monthly Alphabetical List of Payees (MAP)
  • Semestral List of Regular Suppliers (SRS)
  • Alphalist Report (EWT Schedule)
  • Monthly Remittance Return of Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (BIR Form 1601-E)
  • Certificate of Final Tax Withheld At Source (BIR Form 2306)
  • Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld At Source (BIR Form 2307)
  • Sales Journal
  • Income Book
  • Output VAT Report
  • Summary Alphalist of Withholding Taxes (SAWT)
  • Fixed Asset Input Tax Amortization Schedule
  • Fixed Asset Lapsing Report - Taxation
  • Fixed Asset Lapsing Report - Financial

NOAH Financials’ strong features in terms of controllership, audit trail and accountability allow it to withstand layers of compliance. With its inherent workflow, transaction series per location, approval matrices, multi-currency and tight integration with document control features, NOAH Financials successfully made it to the IT landscape of publicly listed companies, conglomerates and privately-owned entities operating with global branches.

NOAH Financials apply principle-based business rules advancing the role of ERPs of companies in banking, realty estate, manufacturing, restaurant, hospitality, construction, distribution, warehousing, financial services and many more.

NOAH Financials provide comprehensive support to corporate governance, taxation and compliance.