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What is CRM system?

CRM System or Customer Relationship Management System is a merger of business strategies, software and processes that help shape long-lasting relationships between companies and customers as well as establishing a strong brand reputation to attract and gain potential customers.

NOAH Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Given the new virtual work and business culture, now more than ever, it is urgent and important to earn the trust of the market; build relationships with the user community; connect, understand, and engage the customers. True to its brand, NOAH Customer Relationship Management (CRM) continuously delivers the commitment of bringing comfort in the labor of organizations through Digital Innovations.


The NOAH CRM is strategically architected and positioned to tailor-fit different industries regardless of the sales and marketing processes. It enables organizations to reach new heights of customer responsiveness through its tight integration with automated workflow and requirements compliance which ensures high efficiency and productivity in the completion of tasks.


NOAH CRM’s Lead Generation and Sales Performance is essential and a core foundation for companies to create data governance, compliance, data science and artificial intelligence in strengthening sales leads, sales performance and customer loyalty. NOAH CRM includes the following features:

  • Maintains a Centralized repository of prospect/customer information across sales organizations
  • Manages all communications and engagements with prospects/customers
  • Eliminates manual updating of information across prospect or customer data
  • Provides Notifications and alerts for follow ups and schedule setting
  • Ensures team communication
  • Allows integration to other communication platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. via Application Programming Interface


NOAH CRM’s Ticket Management is created to provide a platform to manage overall customer interactions in terms of handling requests, inquiries, or concerns.

The NOAH Ticket Management:

  • Allows an automated and parameterized integration of Workflow Management and Document Control
  • Provides a facility to categorize ticket for better tracking, organization and handling of ticket support
  • Drives individual’s task efficiently through SLA (Service Level agreement) and Turn Around Hours
  • Provides a facility to notify or alert people in-charge of the ticket to ensure that a task can be accomplished ahead of time or per given SLA.
  • Enforces strict compliance of documents and work instructions when processing a ticket to ensure that all requirements per workflow stage are completely accomplished.
  • Provides a facility to Take over or Re-assign a ticket in the event that the person in-charge is not available. Ensuring continuity and accomplishment of task.
  • Provides a platform to measure performance of task through notifications, alerts, and reports management.

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