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Business Rules sessions are conducted to identify the consistency and harmonization of business scenarios considering processes, calculations, templates and data flows.(READ MORE)

The NOAH Business Applications was meticulously designed and professionally developed to deliver exacting technology resulting to unparalleled user productivity and proficiency in performance management.

The NOAH Business Applications has been crafted due to the short fall of companies' existing business applications in terms of functionalities and features related to compliance and performance management. The business applications in NOAH covers a wide range of solutions that will supplement, complement, integrate and possibly replace an existing application. From Conglomerates, Financial Services, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Realty companies, the solution is a combination of the Art and Science of Business Applications.

NOAH Business Applications can adapt and integrate with current IT infrastructure, data, and resources of a company thereby greatly enhancing business processes.

The corporate management team is equally guided by end to end data reliability and performance metrics that will develop well-planned actionable items.

All features and functions of NOAH conforms to a company's strategic, operational and statutory requirements.

By far, NOAH as a solution has the most consistent and harmoniously developed systems for Financials, Financial Consolidation, Warehousing, Production, Customer Relation Management, Distribution, Forecasting, Planning, and Budgeting, Loan Management, Realty, Human Resource Management, Procurement Management and Project Management. All of these are delivered by a team of dynamic and passionate roster of CPAs and Technology Professionals with the highest commitment to understandability, controllership, accuracy, speed, consistency, adaptability, data visibility, and efficiency.

Implement NOAH Business Applications and harvest the benefits and growth of having a proficient performance management solution.